Thursday, March 29, 2018

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Olmos Park Repeals Gun Ordinance After Brutally Arresting Open Carry Leaders

OLMOS PARK, TX—On Thursday Morning, among a crowd of pro-gun protesters, the Olmos Park City Council voted to repeal the anti-gun ordinance that Open Carry Texas claimed was in violation of state law. The vote comes less than two days after Olmos Park police tasered and arrested two Open Carry Texas leaders who were planning for an upcoming rally in Olmos Park.

The Olmos Park ordinance banned loaded guns, exempting police officers. Open Carry Texas and the National Association for Individual Rights fought for repeal of the ordinance.

“The law Olmos Park police ostensibly used to physically assault, brutally arrest, and facetiously charge Open Carry Texas leaders is in such violation of state law that the Olmos Park City Council immediately repealed the ordinance,” said David Amad, Vice President of Open Carry Texas. “The repeal of the Olmos Park anti-gun ordinance is a victory for Open Carry Texas and all Texas gun owners.”

Open Carry Texas confirms that the previously planned “Olmos Park PD Forced Education Rally” is scheduled for Saturday, April 7th at noon.

Open Carry Texas President CJ Grisham spoke to Olmos Park Police Chief Rene Valenciano on the phone the day before Tuesday’s arrests. Valenciano told Grisham that open carriers “don’t have anything to worry about” while carrying guns in Olmos Park.

According to a video streamed live to Facebook, Chief Valenciano personally carried out Grisham’s arrest. “Are you the police chief,” asked Grisham. Valenciano, approaching Grisham, replied: “I am. Get on the Ground.” Moments later, Valenciano threatened the gun owners with a taser. Grisham was tasered and suffered multiple injuries from the arrest.

The National Association for Legal Gun Defense,, is representing Grisham.

"Our members are armed and attorney protected, when their civil rights are violated it will be costly,” said Andy Valadez, Marketing Director for  “We support our members’ rights to free speech and exercising their second amendment rights, including those who may attend the rally.”

Open Carry Texas member Jim Everard, who was open carrying a rifle on Tuesday, was also injured and arrested.

“Law enforcement has no duty to enforce unconstitutional or illegal ordinances and laws,” Amad said. “We demand justice for Grisham and Everard, and Open Carry Texas will continue to fight against government abuse of lawful gun owners.”

Jack Miller, Vice President of National Association for Individual Rights, was arrested by Olmos Park police in February while open carrying a gun. Police surrounded Miller at gunpoint and threatened to shoot him. According to a YouTube video, Miller was detained and searched at gunpoint by Olmos Park police again in March while holding a poster and open carrying a fake gun.

“I am pro-law enforcement, pro-government, pro-civil rights for everyone,” said Jack Miller, “We will use every legal method to prevent abuse of individual rights and will hold governments accountable for bad behavior.”

Texas law allows gun owners to carry handguns openly with a license and long guns such as rifles and shotguns openly without a license. Texas law prohibits municipalities from creating and enforcing gun laws that are more restrictive than state gun laws.


Open Carry Texas is a non-profit organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly ​in the state of Texas in accordance with the United States and Texas Constitutions.

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